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Nicholas Rosen - President 
Richard Biddle, Steven Cord, PhD
Alan Feinberg, Michael O'Mara, Matthew Stillman, 

Josh is an advocate for an innovative system of land taxation that encourages urban development and discourages urban disinvestment. Although considered too bold and controversial for some, experience in Pennsylvania and Maryland has shown that the land value taxation system typically lowers property taxes on homeowners and vastly increases new construction and infill construction in urban areas. Vincent writes and lectures extensively on this topic. Joshua has worked as a consultant to more than 75 municipalities, countries, NGOs and national governments.  In this role, he works with tax departments and elected officials in restructuring their taxation to a land-based system and conducted over 50 land value impact studies for cities across the United States since 2000. 
Barbara G. Maloney, COO  Barbara has a proven track record in shaping organizaional performance to meet business/municipality/community group needs. Her salient contributions to profitability, cost control, process optimization, client satisfaction and service delivery to the Center ensure higher than average reporting for our clients.
Steven B. Cord, PhD, Research Director
Steven Cord, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University Pennsylvania is the only winner of 2 university-wide research award. Dr. Cord can be reached at
We were founded are the sister organization of the Henry George Foundation of America a 501 c (4) non-profit foundation, founded in 1926 by some of the leading Progressive Democrats in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh Mayors Scully and McNair, City Assessor Percy Williams, State Senator and Allegheny County Democratic Chairman Bernard B. McGinnis, and Councilman George Evans (driving force behind Buhl Planetarium).