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Incentive Taxation

Economic Rent

You're so respectable: two stories about terrible land use in Philadelphia

Story One - Take a Peep at This

Our perceptive friends atKeystone Politics, haveposted an observationabout the latest embarrassment on the Philadelphia land-use front.  Long story short, for years a patch of Market Street has been infested (literally and figuratively) by some low-rise, low-rent, low class buildings housing one of the few porno "palaces" left in Philadelphia.  The anchor of the Keystone post isan article in the Philadelphia Inquirer by the redoubtable

Neighborhoods and Community: How tax policy can be the glue.

Three Cheers for Clairton
UrbanTools' parent, the Center for the Study of Economics is happy to make the theoretical, as well as the empirical case that land value tax helps communities directly to rebound and recohere.
In the  American Journal of Economics and Sociology (Volume 71, Issue 4, October 2012)  CSE's Executive Director,Joshua Vincent, demonstrates how, through the adoption of a land-value-taxation in Clairton, Pennsylvania, neighborhood revitalization was realized.

Namibia's land value tax: a powerful voice speaks out and says "more."

In the US, the 2012 election season has made us here in the states even a bit more isolated from the ideas and events that shape our neighbors across borders. With our quadrennial angst ending soon, it's time to check out what our brothers and sisters are doing.
UrbanTools has been reporting on the evolution of land value taxation in Namibia sinceindependence in 1990.
Alexactus Kaure:
the conscience of Namibia's land value tax
As we wrotelast July:
In Namibia today, land value taxation is specifically used to accomplish two things:

New Jersey's Night: Rebuilding the community by opening the Community Chest

Darkness in Moonachie, NJ

As this piece is being written, millions of citizens in the Northeast are without power, 
gasoline, water or even food.  The nightmare that was Hurricane Sandy has blown apart communities and broken hearts. 

The first order of business is of course tooffer reliefandcomfortfor our fellow citizens and neighbors. The second step is to rebuild people's homes and lives as much as possible. New Jersey can serve as an example of how markets can be used to strengthen the recovery effort, and not just for a lucky few.

Rising home prices: who on earth thinks that's good news?

Pop it now!

Moseying through the tinny yet strident “news” from the real estate markets that housing is on the rebound.  To the real estate industry and theirflacks in the press, we're meant to believe any increasing equity will redound to the benefit of homeowners.  Not quite.  

Remember where it all started: the unholy triangle between activist government (everybody gets a house with NO money down) crooked to lazy lenders, and banks who wanted a piece of the action (even though they had no clue

Land Value Tax: UK Rules OK

The drum beat gets louder for serious and sustained debate on all sides of the political spectrum - and all areas - of the UK for land value tax.  From those of us in the US, the pace is dizzying, and is in stark and disgraceful contrast to the fear of all political sides to grasp the nettle, and fix the long retraction that affects all parts of the nation.

This week, the Guardian, a reliably left-of-center newspaper of record has yet another articleengaging LVT,  (Coincidentally, the Economics correspondent of the Guardian

Philadelphia on the cusp of new real estate values, again. Part 25

Philadelphia Pennsylvania has been staring hard into the face of essential tax reform. Unhappily, it's been doing so since at least the late 1980s.  The newest twist was last spring's budget process, wherein new values meant to establish meaningful tax rates were delayed. 

The legislative body of Philadelphia was split into many groups with different concerns. Some Council members understood fully that their constituents had been getting away with paying almost nothing in property taxes for decades.

One More Voice for a Philadelphia Land Value Tax

Strawberry Mansions Forever?

Since the early 1990s, the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors  has endorsed and advocated for land value tax in Philadelphia to both boost capital and property markets. After all, brokers make their earnings on a living - not a moribund - market.

Therefore, it's helpful to know that in the face of an oncoming reassessment in Philadelphia calledAVI (Actual Value Initiative),Realtors are again looking to land value tax as a way forward.

Harrisburg comeback: it never went away

Try to pay the bills when half the house doesn't contribute.

UrbanTools Highlights Harrisburg's Resilience During Unprecedented Fiscal Challenge

Last week, the parent organization of UrbanTools – the Center for the Study of Economics (CSE) – assisted theCouncil of Georgist Organizationsto illustrate the real-life positive impact that land value taxation can have even on the most distressed of urban areas.

CSE Director Josh Vincent guides tour of Harrisburg's mix of public and private places.

Rich Town, Poor Town: Economic Reconciliation in the Berkshires of Massachusetts

Mass MoCA: How Can Public Investment Pay Off?

North Adams Massachusetts is a postindustrial old factory town with little hope. 

North Adams Massachusetts is a vibrant center for the arts poised to take off. 

Which of those two statements is true? 

How about both?   

North Adams is one of dozens of very similar towns spread all across New England much like small Pennsylvania manufacturing towns which were centered on steel, coal and railroads. Towns like North Adams, Lowell, Pawtucket, and so on produced a broader range of goods that supplied the world with textiles, clocks, brass, firearms and 20th century electronic components.

Land Value Tax: it's not Just for Cities Anymore

Two UrbanTools directors, have struck again in the editorial pages of the Financial Times and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.   In the June 28 edition of the financial Times,Nicholas Rosenchallenges Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz to posit a solution to the problem of growing wealth inequality and economic dysfunction in the United States.  Dr. Stiglitzaccurately names rent seeking as a prime culprit.  Curbing the abuses of rent seeking is not just a matter of changing the law however; it is a matter of changing our tax system in the manner of the

Who owns the Air (waves)?

Radio Activity: It's in the Air for You and Me*

Land Value Taxation is not just about tax revenue collected from property values in cities.  It's also about identifyingrent-seekingandmonopoly privilegethat increase burdens on communities, commerce and citizens.  LVT addresses these universal issues: wherever one looks for it, one can find it.

A superb example is the periodic tussles over the air, specifically, the bandwidths of thebroadcast spectruminherent in nature.